Friday, May 27, 2016

America 2015: Washington DC

 The White House. So much smaller than it is portrayed on TV that I'm starting to think the Malacañang Palace is bigger.

 The Washington Monument. And the lack of grass surrounding it.

 Well hello there little one.
The capitol looking very unpleasant due to renovations being done.
 Jefferson Memorial

 Lincoln Memorial. It was scorching hot and it took us several rounds in the area looking for it and parking for our XL-sized Chevy Yukon.

The Washington Cathedral reminded me of Notre Dame and it's quite obvious why. It also had a rose window with a moon rock in the middle. Yes, a rock literally smuggled from our moon.
The towers of the cathedral were quite high that we were able to spot some of the landmarks for afar.
We actually drove around more after this, including the Pentagon (photos in that area are not allowed though) and parts of Virginia before continuing on to our last stop which was North Carolina before flying to Texas. Finally, my last post from my trip to America last summer!

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