Sunday, June 04, 2017

Canada 2016: Montreal

I can't believe I'm uploading a November trip in June. Better late than never right? 
We took a spontaneous trip to Montreal during the weekend we were in Boston. Unfortunately, we weren't able to see much since most of the places were closed on a sunday and it started snowing pretty heavily.

 Our first destination was the Notre Dame Cathedral, similar to the one in Paris. Its facade is not as intricate, but the interior was breathtaking. 
 Saw a couple get enganged in the middle of the square. Huhu my heart. 
When nighttime came I was pretty much drained since I was still jetlagged. We ate really really good steak at a place called The Keg in Old Montreal. I highly recommend it!
 Sunday morning, everything seemed to be closed and Old Montreal seemed like a ghost town. We chanced upon a small museum that discusses the town's history though. 
 After a quick drive past the Olympics stadium (which is very old and outdated) and a lunch at Tim Horton's, we drove back to Boston with the snow falling heavily. Most people would probably rejoice at the sight of it, but I despise it due to previous experiences. :( 
We capped off the night by eating at a delicious korean restaurant in the Woburn area, but it took us around 6 hours to get there because of the snow. After Boston we went to Houston to visit my relatives. Unfortunately I have no photos there because we don't do touristy things when we're there. It was great to experience Thanksgiving and Black Friday in the US for the first time though. 

I can't wait to share with you my photos from our Japan trip last December! 

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